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Christmas Package

Get this special Christmas package made with love and enjoy an incredible stay at MyWay Kite & Surf Hotel.

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Kite & Surf House

We have thousands of activities to offer to you. We have Kitesurfing, Surfing, Wing/E-Foil, Wakeboard or SUP classes and rentals, we organize boat trips through the lagoon, excursions to the waterfalls or the big waves in Nazaré. We can also arrange fishing, bird watching, paragliding, canyoning and rafting on request.

The gift contains a hotel night for two people including a powerful breakfast and a delicious dinner.


Also, during your stay with us you can enjoy a Kite experience, a Surf or a SUP lesson, you can choose what suits you better.


Get your gift now and stay whenever you want, included summer time.

The regular price of the package is 175€ but because it is Christmas you can get it for 140€ at our page: or give us a call at +351924057727.

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